Sighting Report for Bobcat Encounters in Orange County, Ca.
1. What was the date and time of your observation?
2. Where were you and where was the bobcat when you first observed it? Specific information as to the location is needed, i.e., In the back yard of the residence located at 123 South Street, Irvine, Ca. Or, on the bike path 100' east of the New Delhi Channel in the city of Newport Beach, etc. GPS coordinates for the site are helpful if you have them.
3. How far away was the cat? Could you see it clearly? How long did you observe it?
4. Did you notice if it was wearing a collar or had a colored tag in its ear? If so, can you describe the colors you observed and in which ear was the tag?
5. What was the bobcat doing when you first observed it?
6. Were there any other bobcats in the vicinity? How many did you see and did they appear to be adults or kittens?
7. Were there other domestic animals nearby and if so what was the interaction between the bobcat and the domestic animal? Did either animal exhibit aggression?
8. Did the bobcat appear to have an animal or bird in its mouth? Could you tell what it was? If it had a rabbit, did you notice if the rabbit's head had been removed?
9. What direction was the bobcat going when you last observed it? Have you observed bobcats at this same location previously?
10. Have you observed bobcats elsewhere in Orange County and if so, where? Have you reported a bobcat sighting to us previously?
11. Did you photograph this bobcat? Would you be willing to share these photos with researchers?
12. What is a contact telephone number for you?
13. What email address may we use to contact you?(THIS FIELD IS REQUIRED)
14. Thank you for your information and support of this research program. You may enter your name here if you would like us to have it for our files.