Wild Boar Sightings
Sighting Report for Wild Boar Observations in Orange County, Ca.
1. What was the date and time of your current observation?
2. Where were you and where was the Boar when you first observed it? Specific information as to the location is needed, i.e., In the streambed along Maple Springs Road just inside the CNF gate, Near the streambed along Blackstar Canyon Road near the County’s pipe gate. Or, in the marshlands behind the swimming pool at Dove Canyon, Or, on the bike path 100' east of the New Delhi Channel in the city of Newport Beach, etc.

GPS coordinates for the site would be very helpful if you can provide them.
3. How far away was the animal? Could you see it clearly? How long did you observe it?
4. What was the animal doing when you first observed it?
5. Were there any other animals of the same species in the vicinity? How many did you see?
6. Have you observed Wild Boar elsewhere and if so, where?
7. Did you photograph this animal? Would you be willing to share these photos with researchers?
8. What is a contact telephone number for you?
9. What email address may we use to contact you? (THIS FIELD IS REQUIRED) *
10. Thank you for your information and support of this research. You may enter your name here if you would like us to have it for our files.
The presence of Wild Boar and/or feral pigs (Sus scrofa) continues to be suspected in the foothills of Orange County, CA.

In an effort to gain control of this invasive, non-native species, Orange County Trackers is cooperating in a survey of this species and we are requesting your assistance.